A garden upgrade

Let’s start this post of by saying – I like a pretty garden full of beautiful blooms.  I am not a gardener in any shape or form…I have no idea what plant is what or whether I should be keeping it in all year or pulling it out at the end of the summer.

When we moved into our new build house 3 years ago, the garden was just a square of grass with the tiniest patio that you couldn’t even put a chair on.  We ended up having the patio made a little bigger to fit our table and chairs on.

Over the years I’ve stuck a few pots here and there and injected some colour.  Our biggest bug bear has been the grass…in the rainy weather it becomes like a huge bog and the dogs get really muddy every time they go out.

At the start of 2017 we decided enough was enough and that we were going to invest some money into revamping the garden…and calling in the professionals to do it for us!

A good friend of ours runs Wishing Tree Horticulture and we immediately put her to task.

Her initial thought was that it was a very yellow garden – in that the fence, patio and walls of the garage were all similar tones.  She suggested lowering and extending the patio whilst raising the grass area which would help with the drainage issues.

Over the few weeks Leanne pulled up our old patio, pick axed out old grass and soil to extend the areas, painted the fences, laid new patio slabs, chain sawed oak sleepers, laid new top soil and grass seed and planted some easy-to-look-after plants…all single handily (she had a couple of helpers in to move the sleepers as they are heavy!)

We’re now left with a super usable patio area and grassed area.  The water butt has been moved round to behind the garage rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.  The plants are starting to flourish – I would imagine next year we really see the plants in all their glory.  We’ve had some small lights put into the slate so that the seating area is lit up in the evening.

We’re really pleased with the finished result and couldn’t recommend Leanne at Wishing Tree Horticulture enough!


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  1. Jaime @angloyankophile
    10/07/2017 / 2:17 pm

    Oh my goodness, you did an amazing job with it! I am SO anal-retentive about keeping our garden growing, I stand out there to water the plants at 6:00 a.m. on sunny days – haha! I leave the mowing and the heavy-duty gardening to John though, oops – although I do trim our plants to keep the paths tidy.

    xo Jaime

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