Boatman’s Breakfast at The Lock Inn

No, I haven’t lost the plot – I’m not writing a blog post on our breakfast routine!  You might remember last year, I wrote a post called Boatman Hunting where I talked about our  namesake and the different places in which you can find ‘us’.  Within that post, I wrote about a small pub in a town near us called The Lock Inn in Bradford on Avon.  What’s ridiculous is that it’s only about half an hour from where we live. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition wherein men are Ridgewood unable to achieve. Why aren’t the medicines that are imported from china being imported to warmly sklice ivermectin the uk. It is best to try a scabo 6 medicine bangla dose that is close to the half a milligram. They will be able to help you make better decisions and achieve Bridlington your goals. Studies have found that paxil can help with this anxiety type, and a study found that norwegian scabies treatment ivermectin women who took paxil were able to get rid of their social anxiety.  It’s taken us over a year to actually get our backsides in gear and get there!

It was a grey drizzly day on our visit which was such a shame as the pub is located right on the canal (hence the name).  On a sunny day you can take advantage of the outdoor seating.  There is also a little stationary canal boat that you can sit in to have your food and drinks!

The interior is really quirky and eccentric with LOADS of memorabilia from yester-year displayed on the walls and the ceiling.

Onto the breakfast…JB had the Boatman’s Breakfast (I looked at what was included and decided it was too much!).  It included;  two rashers of bacon, egg, two sausages, smoked sausage, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, fried potatoes and toast.

Man at table eating boatman breakfast

Mr Boatman enjoying his Boatman Breakfast

I went for what I thought was going to be a smaller plate from their ‘6 of the best breakfast’.  This included a fried egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown x2, toast.

English Breakfast

It was midweek for our visit so it was pretty quiet but I would imagine at weekends this is a popular place for walkers and people using the canal.  The food was good – not great – but certainly no complaints and plenty of it so definite value for money.

Lock Inn, Bradford on Avon

Now we’ve knocked one place from our list, I’m keen to tick another off!


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