Dabbling in Minimalism

Since being a homeowner I’ve become fairly tidy and everything ‘has it’s place’. If a bag comes through the letterbox from a charity I’ll have a quick scout round to see if there’s anything we can donate (there usually is).

I wrote about decluttering your wardrobe back in January; my system of turning your hangers ‘back to front’ so that after a 6-12 month period you can see what’s still in your wardrobe hanging the wrong way round indicating what you haven’t worn.

I’ve read a lot about the concept of minimalism over the recent months and was particularly inspired when we visited some friends earlier this year. Their house has an air of calm, peace and relaxation despite having a 2 month old baby. After talking to my friend she said that when they’d moved they got rid of a lot of ‘stuff’ that they didn’t need or want and found it helped them settle into their home quickly.

I then watched Minimalism on Netflix a couple of weeks ago with interest. It talked around consumerism pressures through advertising and how we think we need all these various things in our lives because that’s what TV, radio, commercials, magazines and social media tells us. It also says that as long as our basic needs are met; a house, food and feeling safe then we should be happy and content (I think that comment can lead to a whole other blog post)

bluebells in the woods

I have never been someone that to has to have the latest handbag, shoes or ‘thing’ having grown up where if you couldn’t afford it, you didn’t have it – credit cards were not an option unless it was for an emergency. The scenes of people fighting over the Harrods or Selfridges sales or Black Friday deals always leaves me wondering – WHY?! Do material goods have symbolic meaning – a status symbol so to speak? Don’t get me wrong, I like to have nice clothes and a welcoming home but I never really go overboard with my purchases. If something I want is going to cost me quite a few pennies, I REALLY think about it before I commit.

I’m certainly not going to take it the extreme of some people on the documentary who sold 90% of their possessions to live a simpler life but what I have done is fill a couple of boxes and black bags ready for the charity shop / eBay (if I can be bothered). I already feel as though a weight has been lifted just from this simple task that took a couple of hours one afternoon.

Going forward, I’ll be using up all the half empty bottles of beauty products in my stash, going through the kitchen cupboards to see what meals can be made with what we’ve already got in before hitting the shops and just being more mindful on what is coming into the house.  I know that being minimal can go to what I would consider an extreme but I’m starting gently and seeing how we progress…

Have you gone ‘minimal’?!


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  1. Lauren
    August 10, 2017 / 9:50 pm

    First of all… the pictures in this post are amazing.
    Secondly, I really love this post! I’ve been slowly trying to declutter my room- I’ve been doing a clear out every month or two, and I’ve got rid of so much stuff and my room is so much more relaxed and calm now. I definitely need to try the hanger trick in my wardrobe. I’m sure I could get rid of so much if I tried it!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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