What’s Lagom?!

In 2016 everyone learnt what Hygge was – the feeling of being cosy, comfortable and at peace with the world. We cosied up with candles, blankets and hot chocolates and learnt to live a little slower.  In 2017 however, its all about Lagom.

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I was recently sent The Little Book of Lagom – a coffee table book that can be picked up any time and delved into at any page to increase your Lagom awareness.  The layout and photography are beautifully put together.

Lagom Book

Here are my top ways of introducing a little Lagom into your lives!

Get Organised!  I am hyper organised (where I can be) and like to know that I have everything planned where possible.  This can be anything from organising the meal planning, to booking appointments well in advanced (I’ve just made my eyebrow wax appointments up until Christmas!!).  I live for a list and finish each week at work writing up my list for next week.

organisation is key to lagom

organisation is key to lagom

Declutter…less is more:  You may have read my recent post on Dabbling with Minimalism and Clearing out your Wardrobe.  A Lagom Home is calm and tidy with minimal clutter.  I’m not suggesting that you throw everything away instantly.  Start to look around and find things that you no longer love or have been meaning to get rid of.

Be Kind:  There’s so much negativity around us, both in the online social media world and on the news.  Take some time to call an old friend that you haven’t spoken to recently.  Pop over to any elderly neighbours to see if they need anything, particular with the colder weather approaching.

Achieve a better work / life balance: We spend SO much time at work that it’s important to differentiate when work finishes and ‘normal life’ resumes.  This is particularly important if you are self-employed or work from home.  I’ve started becoming stricter with my work finish time.  If a client emails me after 6pm (and it isn’t urgent) then I won’t respond until the morning.

Switch Off: This follows on from work / life balance.  If you’re sat at desk on a computer all day (like me) then it’s essential that you have some time away from the screen.  There are plenty of ways to switch off from the day that doesn’t involve your phone.  Spend time outside and go for a walk, go to an exercise class or grab that book you’ve wanted to read.


Spend time outside

There are plenty of ways in which you can add a little Lagom to your life.  When reading the book, most of it is pretty obvious but we’re all so busy being busy it can be easy to forget.

You can buy the The Little Book of Lagom book from Amazon for £9.99!


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