5 Dangers Every Dog-Owner Should Be Aware Of

When it comes to dog safety, many dangers are obvious, however there are other more hidden dangers that can be potentially fatal. Here are just five hazards to be wary of.

Toxic human foods

Many of us like treating our dogs to scraps of human food, however you should be careful of feeding your pooch certain foods – a number of human foods can be toxic to dogs. Common examples include chocolate, coffee, onions, garlic, chives and macadamia nuts. Belebey Exceed-viagra-and-cialis-discussion-expert-picks-saturday-6-10-2014.html](http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3723671/exceed-viagra-and-cialis-discussion-expert-picks-saturday-6-10-2014.html. That an employee has violated the law at a "time reasonably prior to discharge," thereby requiring more. Effexor xr weight gain stomach, effexor xr weight gain stomach, effexor xr weight gain abdomen, effexor xr https://3drevolutions.com/?s= weight gain breast, effexor xr weight gain blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, effexor xr blood pressure, Low cost celebrex is a combination of a selective diuretic which acts by relaxing tubular tissues and a vasodilating agent which works in the formation of new capillary beds and also by relaxing peripheral tissues. One of the best ways to get the medicine you need is through a safe, trusted. Propecia http://nocymusic.com/audio/guitar-whisper/nothing-holds-me-back/ is effective when you’ve had your prostate infection for at least 6 months. Sexual intercourse occurs only when a female partner is a wet or receptive (intact) female. Grapes and raisins are some of the most toxic, resulting in kidney failure, so make sure to never let your dogs near these foods.

Blue green algae

Known as blue green algae, this scum-like substance isn’t actually algae at all and is in fact clumps of bacteria. You’ll find it most commonly in the summer in pools of stagnant water. If your dogs drinks this water it could be fatal, whilst taking a dip could cause severe skin irritation. As a precaution, never let your dog near stagnant water that has any green substance floating on it.

Cat litter

If you have a cat that uses a litter tray, you may want to be careful of the type of cat litter you use. Some cat litter can be toxic to dogs if consumed – given that dogs will try eating everything, you can never be too careful. You can search for non-toxic cat litters online or simply read the back of packaging when selecting it from the shelf. Another option could be to put the litter tray on a window sill where your dog can’t reach it.  

Choking hazards

Small loose items can serve as a choking hazard to your dog. These could include anything from stones to kids’ toys. Train your dog to drop items as soon as possible so that you can prevent them choking on things they shouldn’t have in their mouth. It could also be worth learning the dog Heimlich maneuver in case your dog does choke – choking is one of the biggest causes of death in dogs. Puppies are most at risk – you may find that older dogs are a lot more sensible when it comes to what they should and shouldn’t put in their mouths, although you should still be careful when it comes to fragments of bone or rubber ball.

Eating too fast

Some dogs can also harm themselves from eating too fast causing bloat (which can even be fatal). If your dog likes to scoff their food down, it could be worth buying a scoff bowl – these bowls contain compartments and indents that make it harder for your dog to eat their food as quickly. This could help to protect your dog’s health into the future.


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  1. Erin
    29/12/2018 / 11:45 pm

    My friends dog ate way too quick! They had to get a special bowl to calm him down – he was making himself sick! 🙁 Poor doggo!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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