Planning Your Garden Before Spring Hits

Spring can often come with a welcome change of the weather, even if it might begin with a few spluttering showers. We can start to think of all the things that winter might have prevented us from doing, such as making it from our front door to our vehicle without slipping over ice patches. One of these new potential experiences is enjoying the breadth of your garden once more, as the colour green starts to show itself again and the ground begins to thaw to a degree. This can help you remember all of the gardening efforts you wanted to take part in last year but couldn’t find the time to do, or help you remember all of the stored garden furniture you have stacked precariously in your garage.

Preparing your garden before Spring hits might not be completely possible depending on what the weather situation is in your area, but planning for the upcoming warmth can be an exercise in imagination and good, old fashioned fun. If stumped for ideas, we would like to offer you some:

Vegetable Gardens

A vegetable garden can take some planning, because depending on what you grow, you will need to portion off space for lines of the certain crop. You will also need to install a firm of netting to prevent birds from taking an interest, or find some old clothes for a scarecrow if that’s more your style. You may decide to choose where in the garden you’ll section this off, how to rough up the soil for the best planting depth, or where to purchase manure (if you hope for a healthier yield, and yes, you can purchase it.) It might also be worthwhile to consider buying a greenhouse, as these structures often give you the space, verticality, and sun exposure necessary to make an extremely beneficial habit out of growing something wonderful.

Start small, with easy seeds to grow. Ask your local garden centre for advice. Perhaps contribute to some online forums, or purchase a book from the television gardening personality you like the most. It might simply be that starting a vegetable garden in the first place could be the excellent new life choice you strive for, as there are many, many benefits you can experience from doing so.

Furniture Placement

Furniture placement is worth considering. When we move our furniture out of the way, or simply cover it with tarpaulin to prevent rust in winter, we may notice that the grass around is healthy, but the suppressed ground underneath is starting to die. Grass given no room to grow will become yellow, and this mulch can look even worse in Winter. Before the Spring is fully here, it can be worth moving your garden furniture to a lovely new layout just nearby or across the garden, to give the compressed space some time to grow and air out. Doing this once a year can help your garden seem as healthy as possible. Of course, if your furniture is on a patio, you may consider:


Providing the temperatures aren’t too cold where you are right now, you may find that now can be a fantastic time to enjoy powerwashing. If you’re not convinced, consider checking out this subreddit in order to motivate you to do this. With the purchase or lease of one of these washing units, you can cut grime, moss and accumulated nastiness from the colder months straight from your patio, brick, concrete and furniture, depending on what material it’s constructed from. This can help you ensure your garden looks fantastic for Spring, and that the mulch of the previous few months have been gotten rid of. That, and this experience is just an extremely fun one in the first place, so consider this your permission to do so.

Learning From Winter

What happened to your garden in Winter? Did you notice that your path was slippery? Did you see that the rain collected in one poorly drained area at the foot of the garden? Has your slide never been the same since it froze solid after a winter breeze followed the rain? Does your trampoline look pretty bad now, and could have benefited from thick cover during the downpours? Learning from winter helps us establish preparations for the next time the colder months come, which seems to be happening faster and faster as the years tick on.

With these tips, your garden is sure to be cared for before the Spring hits.

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  1. Erin
    25/01/2019 / 10:23 pm

    You are so making me wish I had a garden to enjoy! I miss it so much!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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