Project 3000 – 1 Month In

One of my first posts of the year explained that I wasn’t doing an New Years Resolutions. What I AM doing this year is taking part in #project3000.

The concept behind the challenge is simple – the average home has approximately 300,000 single items in (crazy, right?!). The idea is that you get rid of 1% of that total – being 3000. I’m not sure how we’ll get on as there’s only 2 of us and we’re quite tidy, organised folk.

So January saw me collect a total of 145 items without really trying. There was no method to my sorting, I spent the month just collecting items that ‘jumped’ out at me. This included some Christmas decorations / wrapping, a handful of jumpers, old magazines, beauty products, dog collars & leads, toiletry bags (who needs 8 ‘spare’ ones?!), some random old jiffy bags and bubble wrap that I’d kept ‘just in case’

Two areas that I know focused on were my beauty stash and the ‘man drawer’. Being a fan of Caroline Hirons, I seem to have amassed a huge amount of skincare products. I had a good sort out and got rid of anything I don’t like or is past it’s best. The unused / unwanted products have been sent to Give and Makeup. This is a non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of women and children who need them the most.

We all have a drawer (most likely in the kitchen) where all the random things get thrown. I have now added baskets (in honour of Mrs Hinch) and you can actually see what’s in there.

February will see me tackle our paperwork as we’ve got quite a bit tucked in various places. I also want to start going through room by room and try to be less haphazard and a little more strategic in the process.

Items have been mostly been given to charity. I’ve sold a few pieces but I find selling on eBay or similar sites a real ‘faff’.

Are you taking part in #project3000?! How are you getting on?!

Month 1 Total – 145

Overall Total – 145



  1. Mel
    31/01/2019 / 7:19 am

    That’s a good start.
    I’m going to make a start this weekend at decluttering.

  2. prettifulblog
    01/02/2019 / 9:46 am

    This is such a good project to take part in! I have been decluttering slowly, and it makes me feel so good!

  3. Lady Writes (@LadyWrites_Blog)
    03/02/2019 / 11:03 am

    I love this post and I can’t wait to see how this year progresses! x

  4. Alice 💫 (@alicespake)
    03/02/2019 / 8:27 pm

    I find this so interesting! I need a huge clear out ready to move! xx

  5. terriheckley
    11/02/2019 / 3:46 pm

    What a great start! Can’t wait to see your progress x

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