Ultimate Bathroom

Most of us probably have an idea of what our ideal bathroom would look like, especially if money was no object?!  I’m sure we’d all like somewhere that has a relaxing, comforting ambience.  I love clean, fresh looks and my wishlist would include…

  • A huge free standing Rolltop bath
  • Rainfall shower
  • Waterfall taps (although I’m told these are a nightmare to keep clean as the water likes to sit in the waterfall bit)
  • Wall-mounted Double Vanity Unit – with his ‘n hers sinks!!

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But how has bathroom styles evolved over the last few decades?!

I’ve teamed up with Soakology to have a look in their new Ultimate Bathroom Book to investigate!


1950’s – In some houses it wasn’t uncommon to still have your toilet outside.  It was around this time however, that things started to change and bathrooms became something that we recognise now.

1970’s – Hot tubs became available – although only to those with some cash to splash around.  These weren’t cheap additions to install.  The manufacturer Jacuzzi made it possible to have a hot tub in the home by introducing hyrothermal pumps to the bath.

1980’s – The more extravagant and lavish the better in the 80’s!  Bigger baths, more opulent designs, gold taps and marble tops.  For the first time, a shower was to become the norm as part of a standard bathroom design.

1990’s – Fake crystal knob taps were in the ‘in thing’ to have – a brown and brass combo also a top look to have.  It was during the 1990’s that having a plain white bathroom was more appealing than the salmon, avocado or brown suites of 1960’s.  Thank goodness!

2000’s – Style took a step back and we saw the return of retro 1920’s style free standing basin bathtubs.  Bathrooms became more inventive with wet rooms and underfloor heating.  The shower curtain was replaced by solid transparent glass panels.

2010’s – It’s all about the gadgets; TV’s, Audio Mirrors and smart devices could be installed to control lighting, music devices and bath and shower operation.

Today – there is SO much choice out there now that it’s pretty hard to know where to start.  Choice is plentiful and if you have the dollar, then anything is possible!


The Ultimate Bathroom book is available from Soakology for £14.99 and makes a great little book to have in your bathroom – it tells you everything from historical facts, bathroom cultures around the world to the craziest bathrooms ever.






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