Travel wishlists & wrap ups

Travel wishlists…mine is as long as my arm. I don’t think there is anywhere I wouldn’t consider going to (war zones probably don’t make an appearance I’ll be honest!). Here’s my travel wishlist for 2019 and my wrap up from 2018!



Photo taken from Cocobay website

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This city has been on our list for absolutely ages. When we did 6 weeks in Spain in 2016, Barcelona was only 3 hours from where we were however logistically with the dogs, it never got off the list.


A little closer to home for this one. We love Oxford and again, have been saying this is somewhere we should go. We received a ‘couples getaway’ voucher for Christmas and this city is included so we really should take the opportunity to go! It’s only about 1.5 hours from my brother in Norwich too so we don’t really have any excuses!

Round Up

2018 was an epic year of travel for us. We went to 4 different countries and took a 5 day break in Devon as well.

New Zealand & Dubai

We kicked off the year by spending 3 weeks in New Zealand with a stopover in Dubai on the way back. It’s difficult to comprehend just how far it is until you’ve sat on the plane and done the 26 hour trip! Starting in Christchurch with friends, we then drove down to Queenstown and then up the west coast to Franz Josef, Hokitika and Nelson. We then flew up to Auckland to stay with more friends before going to Dubai on the way home.

By far, one of the best memories I have is John and I sitting on the balcony of our hotel in Queenstown, with a bottle of wine and watching this incredible sunset unfold before us. This photo has NO filter on and was taken on an iPhone.


Croatia wasn’t somewhere that was near the top of our travel hit list but when I was trying to find a 2 bedroom apartment somewhere it kept cropping up. Deciding to go to Pula rather than the usual choices meant that it was unspoilt by tourists and we felt much more ‘like a local’ than a holiday maker. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious (although a little samey in our hotel) and the culture was incredible. We’ll definitely return here one day!

New York
New York skyline from the Empire State

This was JB’s first trip to the Big Apple and my second visit. I was really hoping that he’d enjoy it as much as I did on my first visit! We crammed SO much into our 4 night stay and walked around 18km every day…it’s no wonder we were so exhausted when we got home. Difficult to pick a favourite moment but I’d say having Breakfast at Tiffany’s was one of them! Being there for JB’s birthday was also special. We flew back Upper Class with Virgin thanks to airmiles that we had been collecting, ticking something else from my bucket list.

I haven’t taken part in the #TravelLinkUp for a very long time so I thought I’d better jump back on the bandwagon as I love doing them!




  1. Camila @ AdventitiousViolet
    03/01/2019 / 6:42 pm

    That’s so exciting that you’re heading to Antigua!! Big fan of the Caribbean of course! 🙂 I’ve never actually been to Cambridge and that’s giving me a nice wee weekend getaway idea!

  2. Erin
    04/01/2019 / 9:31 pm

    I think I would love barcelona, it looks beautiful!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. Sarah
    05/01/2019 / 12:40 am

    I hope your travel dreams come true in 2019! Barcelona is so lovely, particularly during the off season when it’s not rammed with as many people!

  4. Mel
    06/01/2019 / 1:11 pm

    So many amazing places. I’d love to visit most of them.

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