I must confess…

It was a dark, wet, windy Tuesday night and after a long day at work, I really felt I needed to make a confession.

I met John and our neighbours Jen and Steve off the train in Bath and had a quick bite to eat in our new favourite place Grillstock (read the review here).  I asked the 3 of them if they would come with me so I could repent my sins.

We arrived at our destination – if you didn’t know it was there, you could easily walk on by and never drop in to leave all your woes.  Down the dark stairs, we were welcomed into the hideaway underneath the Octagon Chapel in Milsom Street.

The place I was so determined to visit was in fact one of the newest cocktail bars in Bath called The Confessional.  As it was a Tuesday night, it was fairly quiet and were lucky to get a table straight away.  I’ve heard that at the weekend it can get very busy so it’s best to book a table.

The décor is beautiful, with different seating areas either in little private cubby holes or around tables with huge comfy chairs.   What I particular love, is there is a place for you to write your confession down and have them pinned up on the wall – it makes for some hilarious reading!!


The staff are kitted out in very dapper uniforms and are on hand to explain any queries and make suggestions dependant on your taste.  We were quickly served and asked if we needed any help with our drink choices.


Steve (the designated driver) carefully chose his one drink for the evening from the beer / cider menu which are all artisan, locally produced products.  Otherwise it was cocktails all round – these are not just your every day cocktails that you expect to find on the menu.  Each are carefully crafted and really unusual blends.

Here’s a few snaps of what we sampled…

Column 1 (top to bottom):  Sea Breeze, Persuasion, Daiquiri,

Column 2 (top to bottom): Mulsum, Spa Spritz

Column 3: Hedgerow Fizz

They were all delicious and very difficult to decide on a winner!  I think the Hedgerow Fizz won Best Presented award for the evening!

We’ll definitely be heading back there soon!!!  A great night out in a secret location!




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