Spain – Weeks 5 & 6 #BEDM

Wow, those last 2 weeks absolutely flew by!

Week 5 saw a couple of overcast days so we spent a productive afternoon watching the last 5 episodes of How to get Away with Murder on Netflix…if you haven’t watched the first season yet, you really should!  When the sun did come out, we made the most of it.

The last week we really feel into “holiday” mode so that we could enjoy the last week – this meant we did little work and I think I only cooked twice so that we could go back to a few our fav places and discovered a new area called Las Rotas in Denia which is away from the tourists and has some beautiful restaurants / bars right on the sea front.

We’ve been to Cala Bandida 3 times in these last 2 weeks, we love it SO much!  On one of the trips, we decided to travel from Javea to Denia using the mountain road and we stopped at Cabo de San Antonio which is a look out point across Javea.  The view was stunning although it certainly tested John’s fear of heights!


On the sunny days I made a point of sitting out on the sun loungers so that I could get maximum sun time especially as we heard the weather was so random back in the UK.

The dogs were taken to a local vet to ensure they had the correct vaccinations / paperwork in place to return to the UK.  They need to have their tapeworm treatment updated before you leave and once it’s been administered you have 5 days to get back into the UK.

We did have a small incident on our last night…as you know, Connie & Roxy loved being by the pool and patrolling the area.  We were sat having the last beers watching the sun go down and reminiscing about our time.  Suddenly there was a commotion and the dogs started barking and racing towards the pool…somehow in all the excitement, Roxy managed to barge into Connie, making her loose her back foot and she plunged straight into the pool!! This is the first time she’s ever been in water, we’ve taken them to the beach / rivers etc and they just aren’t interested so poor Connie had to learn to swim pretty quickly!!


We left Spain on Sunday 1 May and got back to our house on Tuesday 3 May.  The journey back was pretty uneventful and similar to our outward journey so I won’t bore you with the details again!  We did stop in Tours, France for a couple of hours on Monday as we hadn’t stopped there on the way down.  It was a lovely town (or is it a city…not sure) and we even managed to see the Euro2016 Cup being shown off – much more exciting to John than me I’m afraid!


I haven’t yet looked properly at the photos we took on our Nikon DSLR during our time away…who goes away for 6 weeks but doesn’t remember to pack the battery charger…oh yes, that’s me!!  Remembered a million other things but that!  DUR!!  I’m hoping we managed to get some goodies.  I do know I’m pretty pleased with this one…


& so…back to the UK and back to reality…I’ll be writing about how we feel on being back in the UK in the next couple of weeks once we’ve found our feet again.

If you’ve missed the last Spain diary updates you can catch them here and here




  1. aandj8804
    12/05/2016 / 4:17 pm

    Your pictures from Spain are so beautiful! I especially love the one with the rosé? right? After all of the time spent planning for this trip, I bet you are sad that it is over! I feel like trips always go by far too fast! 🙂

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