HappyWiseOwl is 2!

HappyWiseOwl is 2 today!!  I thought I’d do an extra little blog post to share some highlights of the last year.

The blog has gone self-hosted which has been a HUGE learning curve.  SEO and Google Analytics are two areas that I still need to learn more about.  The blog has had a new theme thanks to PipDig and I’m really happy with the clean, fresh look of it.

I’ve worked with some great companies and been given some super opportunities.

What I’m really surprised at is that I’ve never really struggled for something to write!

Some of my favourite posts that I’ve written include the more personal ones that you can find under the Reflection category.  This include:

What is Luxury

Another Day – Another Drama

My Roaccutane Experience

I’m also really pleased that my Keep it Local section continues to go from strength to strength.  As a business owner myself, I completely understand the hard work that it takes to keep plugging away at your business every-single-day.  Some favourites from here include:

Sunday Brunch

Feeling Relaxed at Radiance 

Maud Heath Vineyard – who knew this treasure was JUST around the corner!

Grace & Ted

Here’s a few of the my favourite moments from the last year…

THANK YOU to everyone that’s read the blog over the last couple of years – and THANK YOU to JB for your encouragement and patience whilst I get that blogger shot!!

You can read my first ever blog post here!


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